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All Alone in Space and Time

There's nothing here, but what's here is mine.

The Tenth Doctor
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The Tenth Doctor is basically an intergalactic skank. He's flirty and horny and likes himself a bit of skirt. He does, however, have a tendancy to be overly emo and will sometimes result to downright childish tantrums when he doesn't get his way. Rumors of his anorexia are greatly exaggerated and anyone that says he's got any feelings for the Master is just plain lying.

He has a soft spot for women, especially blondes but that doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate a good hard cock ever once in a while. While he tends to prefer brunette men, he's not exactly choosey and has been known to even fancy the odd piece of temporal machinery and/or screwdrivers.

His personality fluctuates a lot. He can be happy one moment and terribly angsty the next. He is likely to be seen pouting at any given moment. He's sensitive and not afraid to cry in front of most people. When it comes to bringing up the destruction of his homeplanet, he goes from talking about it like it's no big deal to bursting into tears to outright refusing to go into it. Oftentimes, he suffers from a lack of confidence in this particular regeneration's popularity and often says how wonderful it was to be "Blondey", his fifth self. He hates pears, and loves bananas but is rarely seen eating anything of substance. Despite this he's an excellent cook.

He is always, as expected, dressed in his suit, tie, and Converse. He tends to wear his glasses often because he thinks he looks sexy in them. In his room in the TARDIS, he keeps stacks and stacks of books, comfy chairs, a bed, and a pink hoodie that may or may not belong to certain blonde. He also keeps handcuffs, but they're not his, they belong to Jack.

Refers to his former selves by nicknames:
1-The Old Guy
2-Comsic Hobo
6-Cat Fancier
7-The Odd One
8-Pretty Boy
9-Big Ears
Is apparently described as skinny, spikey, and hyper among other things by his other selves.

Ten is played by elledwen. For information on why Ten is a nut, see her journal.